How To Know When To Replace Your Car Keys

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If you realize that your car key won't unlock or turn as it should, you might need to get it replaced. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your keys working and secure for a long time, so don't wait for the worst-case scenario. These signs indicate that you need a new set of keys.

Damaged or Broken Car Key

If you notice a broken key in your ignition lock, don't assume that you can ignore it. Even tiny cracks in the key can spread, causing a break in the lock. Damaged keys aren't always as apparent as broken keys. The keys to a car's ignition can become worn out due to a lot of use or friction with other objects. Alterations in the shape of the grooves on a key are sometimes so small that they cannot be seen. It can be challenging or impossible to turn the key if the grooves do not align with the mechanism of the lock. If you noticed any cracks or any other damage, you might need to call an auto locksmith for a key replacement.

Damaged Locks

A lock may be at fault if the key isn't the issue. The traditional lock and key are still used by older cars, even if many cars today start via a fob or button. As a result of the constant physical opening and closing of the car, the locks easily wear down. However, cars can also be damaged by the friction between the lock cylinder and its keys, damage to the door itself, or rusting away of the pins. Debris can also get into the keyhole and block the mechanism. Cold weather may also result in frozen locks. Car keys may fall out of your pocket, or they may get stuck in the ignition, but if you find yourself struggling with them every day, you may need to take your car in for service.

Fob Key Isn't Programmed

Are you currently using a keyless remote or fob key for your automobile? There may be no way to unlock anything other than your trunk or car doors. In addition, you may have purchased your own fob from the internet and found out it doesn't work. If you find yourself without access to your vehicle, there's a good chance that the vehicle wasn't programmed to its transmitter. Often, this can happen when drivers replace their remote controls or use a different key fob.

Do not wait until you are unable to unlock your car to replace your keys. It is important to know the signs of defective car keys in order to prevent problems at the worst possible time. When you need assistance with auto key replacement, contact your local locksmith today.