Make Sure Your Deadbolt Is Able To Do Its Job

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Locking a door knob boosts security, but a deadbolt lock is much more effective for keeping burglars and other bad guys out of your home. When deadbolts do not work properly, however, a home lacks adequate security. Noticing common problems with deadbolts and adjoining doors and frames followed by quickly fixing any flaws is necessary to keep a home safe.

Ensure The Door Is Flush

Over the years, a door can start to sag or become slightly loose. As a result, the door is no longer flush with the frame and the effectiveness of the deadbolt is undermined. Depending upon how "off" the door is, the deadbolt is going to have trouble going into the hole in the door jamb.

Tightening the hinges on the door might be all you need to do to restore the proper alignment. If the frame is damaged, call in a handyman to fix things. This way, nothing is undermining the bolt's ability to do its job.

Spot Check the Lock

When the bolt is completely misaligned with the hole and won't enter, the problem is obvious. When the angle is only slightly off, the bolt might only go partially in. Grabbing a knob and shaking the door could be all a crook has to do to disengage the bolt. Upon locking your deadbolt, try shaking it open yourself. If the deadbolt comes out, then you know you have an alignment problem or another serious issue.

Address Rotted Door Frames

Age, water damage, and other factors contribute to a rotting door frame. Even if your deadbolt works perfectly fine, a good, solid kick to the door could tear the deadbolt right through the brittle wood and send the door flying open. Replacing the damaged door frame is a must to ensure the deadbolt works effectively.

Sometimes, you cannot tell how bad the rot is. You might not even notice it. Installing a door chain could provide a secondary backup system. The lock portion of the door chain could be affixed to the wall. Now, even if the door frame is torn apart by force, the door chain remains in place. As an extra precaution, you could install two door chains. Putting one chain at the top of the door and one at the bottom definitely enhances safety.

Upgrade the Deadbolt and Door

Good quality deadbolts and doors can last many years. The minute you start worrying about the integrity of either, procure replacements or call a locksmith (such as Lock-Up Services Inc). Once brand new locks and doors are in place, you are starting with day one of many, many years of improved home security.