Want To Be On The Safe Side? Rekey Your Locks After A Major Remodel

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Working on a major remodeling project is exciting, especially when it is your first one as a homeowner. But, you should not forget about taking important precautions after the work is finished. When you rely on contractors and professionals coming over while you are at work, they need to have a set of keys. So, getting your locks rekeyed is the safest bet after they have made their final visit to your house.

Multiple Keys Out There

The primary contractor, roofers, plumbers, electricians, painters, and other professionals may all have a set of your keys because they may have needed to get into your house at separate times. This is necessary as long as the project is in action, especially when you are not going to be home at all times. But, after they are finished remodeling, it is easier for mistakes to happen with your house keys getting misplaced. This could lead to strangers getting a hold of keys that give them easy access to inside your home.

Low Cost to Rekey

Rekeying your locks is the quickest and easiest way to eliminate this potential danger. While most people will call a professional and have them come over to rekey the locks, this will cost $40 to $100 just for showing up. To save some money, look into whether locksmiths allow you to bring in your own locks to be rekeyed at their place of business. If possible, work with a family member or friend to have them watch over the house while you remove the locks and bring them to a locksmith's workshop.

This will allow you to get the price of $5 to $25 per lock cylinder, and without having to pay the somewhat hefty initial fee. If time is limited, you can just pay the premium and have someone come over to rekey the locks.

Better Home Security

When you know that there are no keys floating around, you can feel better about home security. If you have not had a chance to rekey or change the locks since you first purchased the home, rekeying them is one of the smartest decisions because you may not even know that some keys exist in the first place. Although it might seem that you only need to rekey the locks for the front door and back door, you should rekey any lock that you gave keys away for or that was there when you originally took homeownership.

Rekeying locks is an inexpensive way to improve home security and finalize your remodeling project. Contact a business, such as Superior Lock & Safe, for more information.