Three Must-Have Home Security Alarm Add-Ons For Pet Owners

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Home security alarm systems are for every home, not just those located in high-crime areas. Your alarm company will notify the local law enforcement agencies if there is a break-in or sign of trouble. The company will also give you a call so you can go check on things and assist the police with getting inside and taking care of any issues. Even if you don't feel the need for a security alarm system on your home to protect your material possessions, there is a bigger and more important reason to have an alarm system on your home: your pets. If you have pets who stay alone during the day, even if just for a few hours at a time, your home should definitely be protected by a home alarm system.

Smoke Detectors

There have been many instances of pets losing their lives in house fires. In one particular instance in Illinois, a fatal house fire led to the homeowner rebuilding his home with an alarm system installed. When the fire broke out, the human occupants of the home were out of the house working or running pre-holiday errands. When the smoke detectors went off, the alarms were not connected to a monitored alarm system and the animals were unable to escape. One dog was rescued, the other passed away before help came. This story happens often, and can be avoided with the use of smoke detectors that are monitored by an alarm company.


A couple of well-placed cameras in your home can help you keep an eye on your pets while you are away at work or taking care of shopping and errands. Cameras are not expensive and allow you to see what your pet is doing. Many cameras have two-way sound, so you can listen to your pets or say a few words to them to keep them calm and let them know you aren't really far from them. Many cameras now have smartphone apps so you can check them anywhere you go.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Your pets are as susceptible to carbon monoxide poisoning as you are. At least one carbon monoxide detector should be installed on every floor of your home. This detector should be wired into your home's alarm system and monitored by your alarm company. If carbon monoxide reaches dangerous levels, law enforcement agencies can be notified to provide assistance to any pets who are home alone. This can save your pet's life as well as your own life. 

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