Tips To Avoid Getting Locked Out Of Your House And What To Do If You Are

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Nothing can be more frustrating than getting locked out of your house, especially when you realize you have locked the keys inside your home as soon as you are shutting the door tight. While you can always call a locksmith to help you get back into your home if you are locked out, there are ways you can try to prevent this from happening at all. From creating a routine where you always check for your keys before leaving, to hiding a spare key to a side door on your property, there are tips that can help you avoid getting locked out of your home.

Try Opening Your Door with a Store Card

The plastic rewards cards that many grocery stores give out are perfect for trying to unlock a residential door. You need to slide the card right above the locking mechanism, sliding it down to try and get the lock to disengage. While this may be an easy method for you to open your house door, it's also easy for burglars to get in this way. If you are able to get into your home with a plastic rewards card, it's time to change out your lock for a more secure one.

Hide a Key to a Different Door

If you have a side or back door to your property, hide a key to that door on your property. This way, even if a potential burglar finds the key, it won't fit the door you generally use. This isn't a fail safe trick, but one that would work in a neighborhood with little or no crime to speak of.

Call a Locksmith

When you are in panic mode because you are locked out of your house, call for an area locksmith. This is probably your fastest way back into your home, and you can discuss whether your locks should be changed or not at this time. Locksmiths are able to get into your home using a wide variety of tools.

Check Your Windows

You may be able to get into your home through an unlocked window. Try checking around your home to see if any of the windows are unlocked. If you are a security aware person, or you live with one, you may find that every window in your home is secure.

When you are locked out of your home and you need help, it's time to call a locksmith like Redmond Lock & Key.