Just Moving In? Take These Steps To Make Your House Safer

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Once the stress of looking for and purchasing a house has ended, you and your family are probably eager to move and settle into your new environment. The new house may already seem safe and secure, but before you get too comfortable, you may want to look at the following tips for ideas that can provide even greater security for your family.

Get New Locks

Like most people, you probably got the keys to your house from the real estate agent who helped you go through the buying process. If your agent had the keys, there may be other copies of the keys at their company. Other companies might also have keys in their offices. Previous home owners might have passed a key to a next door neighbor for safe keeping or ex-lovers who had permission to come by at all times. Friends of theirs may have keys as well.

If that makes you uncomfortable, it's wise to consider getting all brand new locks. You might even select custom locks that are not widely circulated; they are not as easy to bypass as others. 

Use Upside Down Deadbolts

Deadbolt locks are considered to be strong, and you may want one on both your back and front doors. If your locksmith is working on installing them, ask that they're intentionally installed in an upside down fashion. A burglar approaching your door doesn't want to spend a lot of time picking locks, and confusing them with upside down locks can give you, neighbors and others a bit more time to notice them before they gain entry.

Cut Back Trees

For privacy reasons, you may be thrilled to have trees that obscure your front door. However, you must also recognize that an intruder, thinking of how they can get into a house unseen, would find that same row of trees to be great cover for them. Remember to cut back trees so that anyone passing on the street or glancing at your door would notice someone fiddling with the door or windows.

Consider Motion-Sensor Lighting

Noticing an intruder as early as you can is easier when you've got lights that will illuminate as soon as motion is detected. You can put motion-sensor lighting on the front porch, along the pathway in the front or at various spots in the backyard. This will not only notify you to pay attention to what's happening, but might also surprise and scare an intruder off.

With these suggestions, you can make appropriate changes to the new house you're moving into. Work with your locksmith and others to ensure your place is as secure as possible.