The Pros And Cons Of A Master Key System

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If you own an office building, commercial warehouse, or another type of building where there are multiple doors with controlled access, you may be looking into a master key system. A master key system has different types of keys that open various doors. A great grand master key will open all of the doors, a grand master key will open the majority of the doors, a master key will open more doors than it won't, and a sub-master key will only open a few doors. This allows you to give out keys to employees based on the doors they need access to in the building, without giving them access to space they don't need access to. If you are considering a master key system, learning the pros and cons can help you determine if it is right for you. Here are some of the pros and cons:

Cons of a Master Key System

Many people compare a master key system to an electronic key card system, as they both control who has access to what locked spaces. The biggest downside that a master key system has to an electronic key system is that if your keys start to go missing, or employees don't give them back, you can't shut off the one key card and deny access to that individual. You have to rekey your entire building. This is time consuming and costly. 

The other disadvantage to a master key system is that you have to take the time to physically swap out keys as your employees change out positions and gain access to new spaces in your building. If you forget to do so, the employee you promote may not be able to access a restricted area. 

Pros of a Master Key System

The biggest benefit to a master key system is that you can effectively control what employees have access to what spaces. If you want to keep most employees out of supply closets, conference rooms, or other employee's offices, and only grant management access to these spaces, you can with this type of system. 

The other advantage to a master key system is that it is cheaper upfront than electronic key cards. There are many benefits to electronic key card systems, but they can be costly to install and manage. If you have a limited operating budget, a master key system may be the way to go. 

There are both pros and cons to a master key system. Taking the time to do your research and learn about the pros and cons will help you determine if this is the right lock and key method for your building. 

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