The Dangers Of Attempting To Break Into Your Own Car

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After unloading the groceries from your car, you may realize that you locked your keys in the trunk. If you do not have a spare key, you may decide to attempt to break in to you own car yourself. Many people have seen YouTube videos showing how to take a coat hanger and twist it to unlock the door or how to use tools at home to do this, and as such, they think that it will be easier or cheaper than hiring an auto locksmith. If you are considering this, take the time to learn the dangers of attempting to break into your own car. 

You Can Damage Your Car

The biggest danger to attempting to break into your car yourself is that you can damage your car. If you are using tools, coat hangers or wires to attempt to unlock your car, you can scratch the car, ding or dent the car or even damage the locking mechanism. If you damage the locking mechanism, that door may not lock or unlock properly in the future. And even small dings or scratches can cost hundreds of dollars to repair. 

You Can Hurt Yourself

Another danger associated with attempting to break into a car yourself is that you can harm yourself. Your car can give some push back when you try to pry the door open or use a tool to unlock the door. When it pushes back, you can hit yourself with the metal, stab yourself or poke yourself in the eye. Additionally, if you are incorrectly pressing the tool against your window while attempting to lift the lock, you can cause the glass to shatter and can cut yourself. 

The Task Is a Lot Harder Than it Looks

The last reason you should not attempt to break into your car yourself is because it is a lot harder and time consuming than you think. Those people who post YouTube videos showing how easy it is obviously have skill and experience picking locks, lifting locks or prying doors open. The task is a lot more challenging and time consuming if you have never done it before. You may think that you can quickly open your door yourself, but you may find yourself late for work or to pick your kids up because it took a lot longer than you thought or because you still had to call in a locksmith because you failed to open the door. 

If you have locked your keys in your car or in the trunk, and you do not have a spare key, hiring a locksmith for your vehicle is your best option. It helps to ensure that you do not damage your vehicle, harm yourself, or waste time only to turn around and have to hire a locksmith after you fail.