What To Do When Your Safe Code Does Not Work

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Having a safe means, you have peace of mind over your cash, valuables, guns, and important documents. Many of the higher-quality safes are code-protected. You should always pick a code you can remember, but never one that would be easy for a thief to guess. When you have tried to open your safe, but the code you chose does not seem to be working, what do you do? Try one or more of the following solutions:

Talk to Family to See If They Changed the Code

It is not surprising to find that a spouse may have changed the code to the safe recently. He or she may have forgotten to tell you. Ask him/her what the new code is and then try that. If that does not work or does not apply, call the company that made the safe.

Call the Company That Made the Safe

Call the company that made your safe. They might have a way to override the safe's code system and help you open it. If they are able to help you open the safe, be sure to reset the code and try opening the safe again before you get off the phone with the company. If you are still having problems, leave the safe open after the company representative has helped you override it again. Then call a locksmith.

Call a Locksmith

Calling a locksmith is your best option here. The locksmith will not only provide safe repair service for your safe, but he/she will also reset the safe entirely and check it to make sure it works. Then you should also check to make sure it works. If it all works out, then your safe is back to normal. If it does not, the locksmith might suggest replacing the door of the safe or replacing the keypad with a different type of locking system.

When the Safe Continues to Experience Problems

Safes are like cars; when they repeatedly quit and will not function right, it is time to replace them. If your safe keeps having problems, even after you have tried all of the above, call the locksmith again and request a complete safe replacement. You will need to purchase the new safe that you want, but the locksmith can install it and make sure it is fully functional. Usually, however, the locksmith is successful in getting the original safe to function properly.

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