Tips For Relocating A Jewelry Store

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Selling fine jewelry is the type of business that can result in making a substantial amount of money on a regular basis, especially if you have a large customer base. If you are in such an industry and your business has grown to the extent of needing more space, relocating everything to the new building is something to put a lot of thought into. You must consider how to go about moving your heavy safes if you use them for storing your jewelry and money. It is also important to ensure that all of your safes and inventory are kept safe during the moving process. Take a look at the content below to gather a few tips that will be helpful as you make plans to relocate your jewelry store.

Properly Pack Up Your Inventory

Fine jewelry isn't something that you want to get damaged during the process of relocating to a new building. The reason why is because the jewelry can lose value and might be expensive to repair, which would be a profit loss for your business. The main thing that you can do to protect your jewelry is to pack it in a way that doesn't allow the pieces to move around. You can purchase cases to put the jewelry in, and then use tape or string to make them more secure in the cases. If you want to place all of the jewelry in safes, add padding to the inside to prevent movement.

Leave Moving Safes to Professionals

Whether you have one safe or a lot of them in your jewelry, moving them can be a difficult task. A safe can weight a substantial amount of pounds even without money or jewelry being inside. You can have a hard time moving a safe even with access to a dolly, as it can be difficult to lift into the dolly and push. Hiring professionals are the best way to relocate your safes in a productive manner so you can get the relocation process over with. Professionals have tools and equipment to get the job done in no time, even if you leave your jewelry inside.

Properly Organize the New Store

If you want to get you jewelry store back up and running shortly after the relocation process, ensure that your safes and everything else are properly organized. For instance, you must know the exact location in the new store in which the safes will be kept. The safe movers will then be able to place them in the appropriate room upon delivery so you won't have to worry about doing it later. You should also have a general idea of where each type of your jewelry items will be placed.

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