What To Know About Deadbolt Bumping

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You may think that a deadbolt installed on your door is enough to stop someone from forcing their way into your home. Unfortunately, there is a method called deadbolt bumping that can be used to defeat a deadbolt. Here is what you need to know about deadbolt bumping and how it related to your home's security.

What Is Deadbolt Bumping?

The technique of deadbolt bumping requires a special kind of key that is put into a deadbolt. A hard object, like a hammer, is then used to hit the key that is inserted into the lock. The vibrations force the pins inside the lock to move, and if they fall in the correct place against the special key, it will allow a deadbolt to be unlocked.

Criminals can use this technique due to it being far easier to do than picking a lock the traditional way. It can also be used on locks that use pins, which is why deadbolts are commonly defeated with the technique. While a deadbolt does provide excellent protection against someone forcing their way in, or prying back the deadbolt with a crowbar, its weakness is definitely the deadbolt bumping entry method. Thankfully, there are ways to prevent the technique from being used.

Are There Signs That A Deadbolt Has Been Bumped?

You'll usually be able to see signs that someone has tried to bump your deadbolt so it opens, but these signs may not be immediately noticeable. You should look out for damage to the lock cylinder in the deadbolt, since it may have scratches on it that indicate it has been hit. Keys can also be difficult to open the lock with if the internal pins are damaged or.

Can A Deadbolt Be Altered So It's Resistance Against Bumping?

The best way to protect your home against deadbolt bumping is to reach out to a local locksmith, like Stephen K Migoley, for assistance. They'll likely recommend that the deadbolt is swapped out with a commercial-grade product. Another technique is to add more pins to a deadbolt so that the traditional bumping method does not work.

Deadbolt bumping can also be defeated by replacing the traditional lock with a high tech lock. By eliminating the locking cylinder entirely, the possibility of using a deadbolt bumping key is completely out of the question.

If you are going to make a change to your deadbolts, it's always best to work with a locksmith to perform the installation. It will help ensure that the locks are installed or modified correctly, giving you the best chance of protection against a criminal trying to break in.