Storage Business Security Tips That Make All The Difference

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When you are the owner of a storage business, you are expecting customers to feel comfortable leaving their belongings in your possession. In order to make people feel more comfortable about the idea of leaving their personal valuables on your business premises, it is critical that you make your storage business as secure as possible. Take a look at three ways you can make sure your storage facilities are as secure as they should be.

Invest in Good Locks 

There is a saying that good locks make a safe business, and in the business of security, that is definitely a true statement. If there is one thing that you should always make sure you splurge on, it is the locks that you use on your units. You can go with an array of different lock styles, but one of the most popular types of locks for storage units is disc locks because they do not break easily and cannot be cut off with bolt cutters like a lot of padlock-style locks. 

Have a Security Assessment 

It never hurts to have your storage property assessed by someone who knows a lot about commercial security. A good commercial locksmith service usually offers security assessments that will cover all the primary points of security at your place of business. They will look at things like:

Install a Perimeter Fence 

Perimeter fencing is one of those business investments that a lot of storage business owners do not start out with, but it is an investment that is worth the cost at some point. Perimeter fencing deters thieves and vandals and helps the property be more secure overall. 

Replace Locks Frequently 

It is always a good idea to replace the locks you are using on your storage units regularly. If a customer has a key to a lock, loses their unit due to non-payment, and never comes back, make sure you are not keeping that same lock on the same unit. The previous customer could come back and access the unit once it is filled with someone else's belongings. 

Contact a commercial locksmith service for more help.