Common Door Locks Installed by Locksmiths

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Part of securing your home is being able to understand the different keys and locks. Here is a brief overview of the main types of locks to help you choose the most appropriate door lock for your home.

Deadbolt Lock

Deadbolts provide high protection against a break-in or burglary. These locks are moved by turning a key or knob without using a spring. They feature a complex locking mechanism that prevents battering, boring, and physical attacks. It is difficult to open these locks with a hand tool or knife.

The main types of deadbolt locks are single and double deadbolt locks. Single-cylinder deadbolts can be activated from the side with a key. A double cylinder can be opened on both sides.

Knob Locks

These are locks with knobs on both sides. On one side, there is a lock, and on the other, there is a keyhole that unlocks the door. These locks consist of a locking mechanism inside the doorknob.

You can knock off the knob using pliers, a hammer, or a significant amount of force. Therefore, these locks shouldn't be the only ones used on an exterior door. You can use these locks for areas that don't require high security like the guest room or bathroom but not the entrances of your home.

Padlocks and Keys

Padlocks are very common locks in the market. These locks can be detached with hinged loops that you can use for securing large doors, suitcases, bicycles, and cabinets. These locks are also available in various shapes, sizes, and qualities.

Another feature of padlocks is that they're rekeyable and non-rekeyable. One benefit of rekeyable padlocks is that they can be altered to work with a different key. However, you cannot use a different key with non-rekeyable padlocks. 

Mortise Locks

Mortise locks are great locks for external doors. These locks come in both heavy and light-duty models. The mortise lock has an internal system that makes it function more like a lockset and not an ordinary lock.

These locksets can house levers or knobs and also consist of a cylindrical casing. Mortise locksets are secured by a set screw and a cam. The cylinder casing is available in different lengths and heights and for different doors.

If you're looking to beef up the security of your home, you can do it using locks. When choosing a door lock you need to consider what you want to secure, the types of doors in your home, and the price you're willing to pay. Another factor that will help you install the appropriate locks for your home is choosing a good locksmith.