3 Reasons To Switch To A Deadbolt Lock

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You don't have to install a new entry door to improve your home security. You can change your current lock for a more secure model. For example, you can switch a regular lock to a deadbolt lock. What are the benefits of doing this?

1. Make Your Door More Secure 

Don't assume that a standard door lock gives you solid security levels. The fact that a lock secures a door doesn't mean that it can't be breached.

Experienced intruders can open a basic lock with a credit card. They can break open even more complex locks with a crowbar.

If you install a deadbolt lock, then your entry door becomes more burglar-proof. These locks give you a tighter locking seal. They are made from more robust materials.

Intruders find it much harder to break into deadbolted entry doors. Even if they try to break the lock by force with a crowbar, they won't have any luck getting in. This simple lock switch improves your home security at a lower cost than a complete door replacement.

2. Get a More Robust Lock

All locks wear over time. However, regular locks might not last as long as you think. Their mechanisms can be more flimsy and prone to damage.

In some cases, regular locks stop working correctly. You lose the security they give you.

Plus, if the lock breaks inside, then you might not be able to open your door to get into your home. You'll have to pay a locksmith to drill the lock out and replace it.

Deadbolt locks are made from stronger materials. They tend to last longer than regular locks. You won't have to worry about damage, and the lock shouldn't shut you out of your home.

3. Better Insurance Benefits

Insurance carriers usually give discounted rates to homeowners who have good levels of security around their homes. If you have a regular lock on your entry door, then you won't benefit from any kind of discount.

If you install a deadbolt lock, then this is one way to improve your insurance rates. If you make it harder for an intruder to break into your home, then you improve your security. You might qualify for an insurance discount if you use a lock that is approved by your insurance company.

To get started, contact local locksmiths and ask about their residential deadbolt door lock installation services. They can recommend the best lock for your door and install it for you.

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