When To Ask For Door Repair Services

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Door repair is an inevitable part of owning a home or business. Even the best designs will need attention eventually. Knowing to look for these six signs of problems with doors will allow you to ask for help promptly.


Over time, a door can become misaligned. Wear and tear will cause the hinges to loosen or even fall off. A house also may naturally tilt a bit and cause the doors to move out of alignment. Misaligned doors will be difficult to fully close.

The solution may be as simple as replacing old hardware. It also could involve something more complex like shaving the door down a bit to make it fit the doorway. Another option may be to adjust the doorjamb.

Evidence of Tampering

If you ever see evidence that someone has tampered with a door, you should immediately check for damage. Someone might have unsuccessfully tried to break the lock, for example. Worse, they might have succeeded.

For the sake of security, you should request door repair services immediately if it appears the door has been compromised. A professional can install a new lock and handle. They also can verify that there isn't any damage to the hinges or the frame.


Modern doors are usually very energy-efficient. You shouldn't feel a draft when one is closed. If you do feel any air moving near the door, it may require repairs. The weather stripping may have failed, especially if it's old. Also, the door could be misaligned. Even a small misalignment could provide a sufficient gap for a draft to develop.


A door's operational components should be fairly quiet. If the hinges squeak or grind, they may be loose or failing. Also, the handles should sound normal during operation. If there's a crunchy or squeaky sound, something could be wrong.

Difficulty Using the Key

Locks wear out just as much as any other part of the door. If you have to fiddle with the key to get it to work, it's a matter of time before even that trick fails. Ask a door repair services contractor to replace the lock before it becomes inoperable.

Uneven Operation

Doors should swing smoothly. When they get loose, they may feel more wobbly when you open or close them. You could feel some friction, too. In extreme cases, you might see where the friction is rubbing the floor. A repair pro can usually get the door back to normal use.

Contact a local company to learn more about door repair.